3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Keep You Healthy

3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Keeps You Healthy!

Autumn is such an amazing time of year. Not only do we see a surge of patients returning for their routine dental checkups, but it’s also a very popular time for cosmetic dentistry.

That’s because it gives patients enough time to get a gorgeous smile just in time for one of the busiest times of the year for socializing and special events. With all the opportunities to gather with family, friends, and coworkers during holiday festivities, you could get started with cosmetic dentistry in time to enjoy those parties with confidence.

But there’s another very important reason to consider cosmetic dentistry that may surprise you. Our team at Texas Grins Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry wants to let you in on a little known secret outside the world of professional dental care…are you ready?

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about looking good. The fact is that certain cosmetic dental procedures can actually be good for your health!

Today, we’re sharing just three ways that cosmetic dentistry in our Willow Park dental office can help you and your smile get and stay healthy!

#1 – Cosmetic Dentistry Can Protect Your Teeth

We expect a lot out of our teeth, which is why they’re made to last your whole life. But they can definitely take abuse over the years.

Most of the time, people seek cosmetic dentistry due to some sort of damage to their teeth.

Teeth grinding, for example, can alter the size and shape of your teeth over time. Your teeth can shift out of alignment. Or you can have cracks or chips on your teeth from years of chewing day in and day out.

But leaving damaged teeth alone will only make them turn into big problems later. Cracked or chipped teeth are far more vulnerable to being overtaken by bacteria, which can lead to gum disease and other serious health issues. That’s why it’s important to repair any damage to your teeth.

Veneers do just that! They cover chips and cracks, and they can close small gaps for a brilliantly white, healthy smile. Veneers are incredibly strong and can last many years with proper care for long lasting protection against infection causing bacteria!

#2 – Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make Oral Hygiene Easier

When you straighten your crooked teeth, you’re actually doing your health a favor! That’s because teeth that are crooked, misaligned, or awkwardly spaced all make it more difficult to keep your mouth clean of harmful bacteria. The more nooks and crannies bacteria can find in your mouth, the better chance it has to hide and cause all sorts of problems.

Veneers and six month braces are two cosmetic treatments that can give you a straighter smile, free from empty spaces, that will make it easier for you to keep up good oral hygiene for a healthier smile!

#3 – Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Emotional Health

Never underestimate the value of good emotional health in relation to your total wellness! If you’re embarrassed about the flaws in your smile, those negative feelings will manifest themselves in other areas involving your health.

If you’re constantly self-conscious because of dental problems, it’s really hard to get the social interaction you need for a happy, healthy life. It can make you want to retreat, to live life on the sidelines, and to keep you from much needed connection with others.

Cosmetic dentistry can give you a beautiful smile and the confidence that comes with it! Think about all the ways your current smile affects your emotional well being and holds you back from your best life. Now imagine how different your life would be if you were finally free from the grip of those feelings of embarrassment because of an unsightly smile!

Get A Beautiful, Healthier Smile In Willow Park, TX!

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about improving the appearance of your smile. It’s also about keeping your smile healthier longer!

Now that you know cosmetic dentistry isn’t merely an exercise in vanity, it’s time to give yourself permission to consider what it might take to have the smile you want. One that’s free from potentially harmful flaws on your teeth!

Get a beautiful, healthier smile with help from our team at Texas Grins Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry. Call our Willow Park, TX dental office at [phone] or fill out our online form to schedule your cosmetic consultation.