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5 Benefits Of Six Month Braces

As much as you try to plan ahead, life is simply unpredictable. That’s why it’s hard to always know for sure what the future will bring. But that’s not the case with cosmetic dentistry at Texas Grins Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry!

When you imagine your smile six months from now, do you still see the unsightly crooked teeth that stare back at you in the mirror every single day? Thanks to six month braces in our Willow Park dental office, you don’t have to!

You can begin six month braces with us now and have the beautiful, straight smile you’ve longed for in time for your special spring events. Maybe you have a wedding coming up or that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Whatever the motivation, there’s no time like the present to get started on your journey toward an attractive smile.

Today, we’re sharing five great benefits of six month braces and why they’re an ideal option for busy working adults!

Benefit #1 – Six Month Braces Are Ideal For Adults!

Did you know that your teeth never stop moving as you age? It’s true! We’ve seen many patients who want straight teeth like they used to have, and some of them actually wore braces as a teen.

Because teeth don’t stop shifting completely, they find themselves in a similar predicament as they did when they had crooked teeth as a preteen. But our six month braces took care of that!

The point is that you’re never too old to get the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Six month braces are great for adults for several reasons, and our long list of satisfied patients is proof of that. We’ve helped people from all walks of life and many different professions. And we can help you, too!

Benefit #2 – Six Month Braces Are Comfortable

You’ve probably heard about how uncomfortable traditional braces can be. In fact, if you’ve worn braces in the past, you’ve more than likely experienced the discomfort firsthand! Six month braces are different, though.

The wires used are designed to retain their same force as your teeth shift into proper place, so you don’t have to deal with the pain and soreness from monthly tightening like you would with traditional braces.

Benefit #3 – Six Month Braces Will Save You Time!

Since we mentioned you don’t have to deal with the hassle or discomfort of monthly tightening with six month braces, we should go ahead and tell you that means you also don’t have to deal with two or three years of maintenance appointments!

You’re a hardworking professional, and you don’t have the luxury of missing work for those appointments over the next couple of years. Six month braces can give you a straight smile in a fraction of the time that traditional braces can. That means by the time spring rolls around, your treatment is over, and your smile is fabulous!

Benefit #4 – Six Month Braces Aren’t Obvious!

Did we mention you can hardly even notice six month braces? That’s right! Unless you tell someone you’re wearing braces, they probably won’t even notice you’re undergoing any sort of orthodontic treatment. Adults love this about six month braces!

You don’t really want to walk around the office for the next few years with a mouth full of metal braces looking like you’ve reverted back to middle school, do you? With six month braces, you won’t have to!

Benefit #5 – Six Month Braces Will Boost Your Confidence!

You don’t have to hide your smile when you’re finished with six month braces. That’s quite a confidence booster for anyone who’s carried feelings of embarrassment over their crooked teeth! You don’t just look better after this treatment, but you feel better, too!

Schedule A Consultation For Six Month Braces!

Imagine having a straighter, more beautiful smile six months from now. You can have that with our help here at Texas Grins Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry! With clear, comfortable braces that won’t disrupt your schedule for the next few years, what have you got to lose except the embarrassment you used to feel about crooked teeth?

After your orthodontic treatment in our dental office, you can even take advantage of our other cosmetic dentistry options to take your smile to the next level!

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