Dental Implant or Dental Bridge?

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You are over walking around with a big gap in your mouth. It’s time to replace that missing tooth and make your smile whole again. But, you may be discovering, it’s not that simple. Modern dentistry offers patients more options than ever before, which is great, but that means you have to weigh lots of pros and cons and make a sometimes difficult decision.

Back to that tooth. Do you go with a  dental implant, which is widely considered the gold standard tooth-replacement option? Or do you get a  dental bridge, which is effective, looks great, and even holds a few advantages over a dental implant?

At Texas Grins of Willow Park, TX, we would love to speak with you about your tooth-replacement options. To request a consultation with Dr. Ryan Crain, call 817-779-7111.

Dental Bridges: Tried and True, and Better than Ever

A dental bridge consists of a pair of crowns placed on the teeth on either side of the gap in your mouth. These anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth, and their job is to keep the replacement tooth in place.

The process of getting a dental bridge is simple. Dr. Crain will have to prepare the abutment teeth by removing a small amount of enamel from them. This enables the crowns to fit properly. We will then take detailed impressions of your teeth and mouth, so we can craft crowns to fit perfectly with your natural smile.

At most dental offices, you would at this point have to be fitted with a temporary bridge to wear while your permanent bridge is being manufactured at an outside lab. But at Texas Grins, we have a cutting-edge CEREC machine, which enables us to make our restorations in the office while you wait. No more clearing your schedule for multiple dentist visits, no more waiting weeks for your bridge to come in.

Getting a bridge requires no surgery, so it is easier and less invasive than having a dental implant placed.

If your jawbone is not sturdy enough or your gums are not healthy enough to support a dental implant, a bridge may be your best choice.

You may balk at having the teeth adjacent to the gap trimmed down and capped with crowns. But if those teeth already have large fillings that will need to be replaced one day, a bridge may be a way to kill two birds with one stone.

For patients on tight budgets, bridges may be the more appealing choice as they are significantly less expensive than dental implants. But keep in mind that while dental implants are designed to be permanent, a bridge will need to be replaced down the road. So it’s less clear which is more cost effective over time.

Dental Implants — Almost Like Your Real Teeth

Dental implants, more than any other restoration, look like a real teeth, feel like real teeth, and function like real teeth. A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root made out of titanium. Dr. Crain will gently insert it into your jawbone. Then, using our cutting-edge CEREC machine, he will be able to create a dental crown to top the implant. Since we make our restorations right in the office, you will be able to get the whole procedure done in one day.

We can also replace multiple teeth using dental implants topped with a bridge or  dentures.

At Texas Grins, we offer mini dental implants as well. These are often a viable option for patients whose jawbones cannot support standard dental implants.

Dental implants are more durable than bridges  — in fact, they are designed to be permanent. They don’t require that adjacent teeth be shaved down or prepped in any way. Also, because they are supported by the jaw, they help keep the bone healthy and intact. Because the dental implant procedure is surgery, there is a higher (if still remote) possibility of complications.

Whether you decide on a dental bridge or a dental implant, you will be in good hands at Texas Grins. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Crain, visit us  online  or call our Willow Park, TX office at 817-779-7111.

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