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Dental Anxiety 2 in Willow Park, TX by Dr. Ryan Crain of Texas Grins

If you suffer from dental anxiety, getting a cavity filled or even just a routine cleaning and exam is not just a matter of making an appointment and driving yourself there.

It may take you weeks (or months or years) to build up the courage to even pick up the phone. Then you have to use all your willpower to not pick it up again — this time to cancel. Your anxiety may build up to the point that you can’t sleep the night before your appointment. And as you sit in that waiting room, you may find yourself with sweaty palms, a racing heart, and deep sense of dread.

As dramatic as this sounds, this is the reality for millions of Americans. It’s estimated that between 9 percent and 20 percent of people have a level of dental fear high enough that they actually avoid going to the dentist.

And this is a huge problem. By neglecting this essential component of your health, you are doing yourself no favors. Problems with your teeth and gums will not go away if you ignore them. They will inevitably get worse. When they do, you will have no choice but to make that dental appointment.

The best way to avert the need for invasive and complex dental procedures is to keep your mouth healthy with good oral hygiene at home and, yes, regular cleanings and exams at Texas Grins

Our practice is designed to make all patients feel at ease. We have a friendly, professional staff, soothing decor that feels more like a living room than medical office, amenities to make your visit actually pleasant, the latest dental technology, and dental sedation.

Call 817-779-7111 to book a checkup at Texas Grins Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. We will keep your mouth healthy and help you overcome your nerves for good.


Behind the Fear

Part of defeating dental anxiety is understanding what is behind it. There are many reasons people dread sitting in that examination chair.

  • Maybe you’ve had a negative experience or experiences in the past. This may be due to having visited practitioners who were incompetent or lacking in chairside manner. It’s also important to note that in general, procedures were longer, more invasive, and more uncomfortable in the past as current technology was not available.
  • When you are reclined in the chair, mouth open, and someone’s working on your teeth, you can feel helpless. For some people, that loss of control induces extreme anxiety.
  • Many people — especially those who have gone a long time without a dental visit — are embarrassed by the state of their dental health and stay away even longer for that reason. They think they will be judged and lectured. At Texas Grins, we will never make you feel bad about skipping dental visits. Our goal is to bring your mouth back to health and to keep you coming back for regular checkups.


We Help Defeat Your Dental Fears

At Texas Grins, you will find a practice that is welcoming, technologically advanced, and prioritizes patient care and comfort. Here are a few things that make us stand apart.

Our Staff

It’s all about the  people. Everyone who works at our practice is knowledgeable, professional, warm, and skilled at soothing nervous patients. We will talk you through procedures thoroughly and make sure you understand what to expect.

Our Amenities

While Dr. Crain or another member of the staff is working on your mouth, you can be miles away (mentally, at least), engrossed in a favorite show. Our exam rooms are equipped with TVs and headphones for your escapist pleasure. We also offer two levels of dental sedation. Nitrous oxide is light but effective, just taking the edge off those nerves. It wears off immediately, so you can drive yourself home. If you require something a little more powerful, the doctor can prescribe oral (pill) sedation, which you take before your appointment. You will need to arrange a ride to and from the dental office.

Our Technology

In the dental world, technology is inarguably a good thing. Modern advancements have made procedures faster, less invasive, less painful, and more precise. At Texas Grins, we invest in tech that improves our patients’ experiences.

  • CEREC same-day dental  crowns
  • DIAGNOdent non-invasive laser cavity detection pen
  • 3D digital imaging
  • Intraoral camera
  • Galileos 3D CBCT imaging for improved  dental implant  planning


To schedule a dental appointment free of dental anxiety, call the Willow Park, TX office of Texas Grins Cosmetic & Implant dentistry at 817-779-7111. Or submit our online  form.



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