The Hidden Dental Dangers Of Your Favorite Drinks [BLOG]

Embarrassed To Smile Solutions in Willow Park, TX by Dr, Ryan Crain of Texas Grins

Dr. Crain and our team at Texas Grins wants to make sure you’re not causing undue harm to your teeth and gums with hidden sugar and acids in your favorite drinks!

Today, we’re exposing why some of your favorite drinks could be hurting your teeth!

Keep Your Smile Healthy & Strong

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy starts at home. It requires daily diligence with habits like:

*Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time

*Using a fluoridated toothpaste

*Flossing once each day

*Drinking plenty of water

*Eating a diet full of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein

*Avoiding too much sugar

You’re probably already doing most of these things.

Or are you?

Let’s talk about the excess sugar that could already be lurking in your kitchen and putting your teeth at risk without you even knowing it!

Sad, But True, These Drinks Aren’t Good For You…

It’s not always so obvious which drinks are good for you and which are not.

It’s especially tough when many beverages are marketed as a healthy option.

We’re looking at some of the drink you might have in your refrigerator at this moment that could be threatening your teeth.

*Be Careful With Tea & Coffee

You may want to sit down for this one.

We know how important that morning cup of coffee is for many people, or the glass of iced tea with lunch and dinner.

On their own, these drinks are very acidic, which means your enamel takes quite a beating when you consume them.

You also have to consider all the things we add to these drinks to make them taste even better, like sugar, and sweetened, flavored creams. All that sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Then there’s the cosmetic threat to your smile. The dark pigments in coffee and tea also leave behind stains on your teeth.

*Don’t Fall For Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are a misleading beverage option because you think you’re putting something healthy into your body.

After all, fruit is good for you, right?

Not in all its forms, particularly when it’s packed with extra sugar. These drinks will blanket your teeth and gums, giving bad bacteria a plentiful food source they’ll use to create acids that attack your teeth and gums.

*Energy Drinks Actually Weaken Your Teeth

There’s quite a big market out there for athletes, bodybuilders, and people who enjoy staying physically fit. Part of that marketing machine involves thirst-quenching fuel in the form of sports and energy drinks.

Energy drinks often contain caffeine or lots of added sugar, while sports drinks, even if most are sugar-free, are loaded with carbs.

Bad bacteria in your mouth don’t discriminate when it comes to sugar sources and will happily feast on both!

*‘Diet’ Is A Four-Letter Word

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking something labeled ‘diet’ makes it better for you.

When it comes to diet soft drinks, this is only slightly true.

On one hand, diet sodas don’t contain sugar, which makes it a better option than regular soda.

But the problem is that whether a soft drink is diet or not, it’s the acid that hurts your teeth.

Sodas are very sweet, whether from the added sugar or the sugar substitute, which is why acids are added. It balances out the flavors for consumers.

These acids make the drinks taste better, but they also attack your tooth enamel.

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We know how hard it is to stay on top of the latest health news. One day carrots are healthy, the next you read a study about how they cause people to grow a third eye.

It’s impossible to keep up!

But the fact is, when it comes to your teeth, sugar and acidic drinks will always be a problem. You don’t have to cut these drinks out always and forever. But just knowing more about the effects they can have on your teeth if you’re not careful, is a helpful way to inform your daily decision when thirst strikes!

Plus, you have Dr. Crain and our team at Texas Grins to keep your smile safe from harm with routine cleanings and exams.

Call our Willow Park, TX dental office at 817-779-7111 or fill out our online form to schedule your next dental check-up!

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