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Dental Emergency? Call Us Stat!

Maybe that impromptu game of tackle football wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe you walked into a wall — and the wall won. (Note to self: no more texting while walking.) Maybe you were just minding your own business and were hit by sudden and excruciating tooth pain.

Dental emergencies come in all forms, but they have this in common: they can be terrifying, painful, and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. At Texas Grins, we will make every effort to evaluate and treat your dental emergency immediately. Call our Willow Park, TX office at 

A dental emergency can be scary, but we will make your mouth whole again. Call our Willow Park office at [phone] for an appointment.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Teeth are pretty tough, but, obviously, they are not indestructible. Your teeth, gums, and mouth — just like any other part of the body — are vulnerable to traumatic injury and pain. Here are a few common dental situations  in which you may need immediate help and what you should do to take care of them.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth is completely knocked out, save it! If you preserve it properly and get to the dentist quickly (preferably within an hour of the accident), your dentist may be able to reattach the tooth. If there are bits of tissue stuck to it, do not remove them, though you can rinse the tooth with water if it’s dirty. If the tooth fits easily back into the socket, keep it there until your dental appointment. (Be very careful to not swallow it, and make sure it’s facing the correct direction.)

If you aren’t able to hold the tooth in its socket safely, keep it in a container of milk. The calcium in milk helps the tooth stay “alive” when it’s out of your mouth. Water with a pinch of salt may be used if you don’t have immediate access to milk.

Time is critical. Dr. Crain will reattach the tooth if at all possible. If he can’t, he can replace the tooth with a dental implant.

Chipped Tooth

A tooth that is chipped or broken is susceptible to infection, as bacteria can get in through the broken area. If this does happen to you, save any loose pieces of tooth and bring them with you to your appointment. Rinse your mouth with warm water, and use gauze to stop bleeding. A cold compress held to the outside of the mouth can reduce swelling and pain. Dr. Crain may be able to restore your tooth with a same-day crown.  

A Lost Crown or Filling

Fillings and crowns may fall out due to injury or underlying decay. A tooth that’s lost its crown or filling may be painfully sensitive, and it’s important to make an appointment to restore it as soon as possible.

Clove oil (available at drugstores and spice sections of grocery stores) can help relieve pain and sensitivity until your appointment. Simply dab it onto the affected area with a cotton swab.

If you have the crown handy, you may be able to reattach it. Clean it well, then apply dental cement (or denture adhesive or petroleum jelly). Put the crown back in place. But remember that this is just a temporary solution and you still need to visit Dr. Crain ASAP.

Unexplained Tooth Pain

Tooth pain may result from an abscess, crack, cavity, or other reasons. If you do find yourself dealing with a severe toothache but don’t know the cause, rinse your mouth with warm water. Floss to get rid of any stuck food, and use a cold compress to help with swelling and pain. A pimple on your gum may indicate an abscess, which is a potentially serious infection that needs to be treated right away. Rinsing your mouth with saltwater can help keep pain at bay until you see Dr. Crain.

When a dental emergency strikes, there is no need to panic. Call Texas Smiles at [phone] and we will find time to see and treat you promptly at our Willow Park office. And our compassionate staff will ensure the experience is as comfortable and stress free as possible.