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Six Month Braces in Willow Park, TX

six month braces willow park txYou’re Just Six Months Away from Your Smile Goals

We know that many adults are self-conscious or embarrassed about the condition of their teeth or smiles, but they often cringe at the idea of wearing metal braces for a year or longer. Happily, Texas Grins Family Dentistry has a solution with Six Month Braces in Willow Park, TX, our clear adult braces. With Six Month Braces, you’ll not only have your ideal smile in half a year’s time, but you’ll also still enjoy flashing your confident smile during the treatment itself!

Invisible & Fast Cosmetic Braces for Adults

Six Months Braces treatment is an opportunity to fix a smile that may have bothered you for years! These small, cosmetic braces are designed with clear brackets and tooth-colored wires – so no one will even know you are straightening your teeth. Utilizing the latest dentistry technology available, we primarily focus on improving the teeth that show when you smile. Your Six Months Braces is safe, affordable, and best of all, effective. We want you to start smiling again, and we make that happen quickly!

The Biggest Benefits of Six Month Braces

Convenience and Comfort – Using a lower amount of force is actually more effective for straightening teeth. As such, our Six Month Braces require no tightening, which saves you tons of time and energy from visiting an office for irksome adjustments. This also makes them much more comfortable to wear.

Affordability – Six Month Braces are also a more affordable option for straightening your smile than traditional metal braces or clear aligners. You’ll get a straighter smile AND more money left over to spend on whatever you want.

In Just Six Months – Traditional metal braces can require up to two years of wear or even longer. We use hi-tech wires that maintain their original shape as your teeth shift, so your smile continually improves until those braces are ready to come off after six short months.

Under-the-Radar Treatment – Six Month Braces are nearly invisible, so you won’t have to worry about smiling while waiting for them to work their magic. You’ll probably even get a kick out of asking friends if they can see them!

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Ready to effectively straighten your teeth in just six months without anyone even noticing you’re having treatment? Dr. Crain and his exceptional orthodontic team are here to help make it a reality! To schedule your Texas Grins FREE Adult Orthodontic Assessment, call 817-441-3232 or click here for our convenient online form. Your assessment will include:

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Come experience our Texas Grins Family Dentistry office. You will quickly discover that we offer skillful and compassionate dental and orthodontic care to patients in and around Willow Park, TX – and we do it with a smile. We can’t wait for you to become the next member of our Texas Grins family!

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